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When you are facing criminal charges, one of the best choices you can make is contacting the right Chicago criminal defense lawyer to fight for you. A conviction can result in devastating problems that may affect your career, your future, your family and your freedom. Jail time, fines and other penalties from a sentence can affect you for a lifetime. At O’Meara Law LLC, attorney O’Meara will fight for you. From the moment he is hired to represent you, be assured – Chicago criminal defense lawyer Michael O’Meara will fight diligently for the justice that you deserve.

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When your future and your freedom are at stake, you need a Chicago criminal defense lawyer who has the grit and experience to anticipate and fight the prosecutor’s case against you. Michael O’Meara has that experience. As a former Cook County assistant state’s attorney, O’Meara handled thousands of criminal cases from simple misdemeanors to serious felonies. He has an unparalleled understanding of how prosecutors think and how criminal cases work — and how to build the best possible defense in your case. Let O’Meara put his extensive criminal trial experience to work for you. Call right now to schedule your free and confidential consultation with a top notch Chicago criminal defense lawyer.

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We have years of experience defending clients against virtually any type of criminal charge. For effective legal representation for any of the criminal charges listed below, contact Chicago criminal defense lawyer Michael O’Meara today at .

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Stage 1 – Initial Investigation

Often, your first encounter with police when you’re suspected of a crime is when an officer questions you. This may come as the result of a traffic stop, a report from a citizen, police believing they directly witnessed the alleged offense, or as part of a broader investigation. It’s never too early to hire a criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights — even if you haven’t yet been arrested.

Stage 2 – Arrest and Charges

If police believe they have enough evidence to connect you to a crime, you may be arrested. When you’re arrested, police should read your Miranda rights. One of your rights is to have an attorney. A lawyer can be critical to protecting your rights during and after an arrest. After your arrest, if enough evidence exists to prosecute you, then you may be formally charged.

Stage 3 – Bond and Arraignment

Soon after a felony arrest, you should have a bond hearing to determine whether you must pay money (post bail) to be released from custody. In most misdemeanor arrests, you will not have to appear in front of a judge for a bond hearing.

After charges are determined, you’ll have a court appearance known as an arraignment. The charge against you will be read and you’ll have a chance to enter a plea. You have the right to obtain the advice of a lawyer before you enter a plea, and a judge should postpone your arraignment if you need time to find a good criminal defense lawyer.

Stage 4 – Discovery

After the arraignment, the prosecutor will have to give the defense the evidence that it has gathered in building its case against you. Some of this evidence may include police reports, witness statements, videos, photos, etc.

Stage 5 – Trial

If you decide to go to trial on a criminal case, the prosecutor has the burden of proving you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. During your trial, your defense lawyer will prepare the strongest possible arguments on your behalf. If the prosecutor cannot prove its case then you will be found “not guilty.” If it can prove its case, then you will be found “guilty.”

Stage 6 – After Your Trial

If you’re found guilty of the charge, you’ll receive a sentence that could include jail time, fines, court supervision, or other penalties. A defense lawyer can present evidence and argue on your behalf for a lighter sentence. If you’re found not guilty or receive court supervision, you may have options to expunge or seal your record with your lawyer’s help.

Charged with a Chicago DUI?

In Illinois, a BAC of .08 or higher is considered to be intoxicated no matter how drunk or sober you feel. If an officer notes signs of impairment after observing you driving — even if your BAC is below .08 — you could be facing serious consequences.

Your first DUI offense can result in hundreds or thousands of dollars in fines, probation, jail or prison time, and other penalties if found guilty.If you have been arrested for DUI, and you either refused to take a breathalyzer test or took a breathalyzer test that resulted in a .08 BAC or higher, then you may face a driver’s license suspension, even if you are caught driving under the influence out-of-state.

The first thing you should do when facing DUI charges and/or a license suspension is to contact a Chicago DUI attorney who can use his experience in analyzing chemical, physical, and circumstantial evidence to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Attorney Michael O’Meara has the right experience to evaluate all evidence in your case to build an effective defense and fight to get your charges dismissed or reduced. If you’ve been charged with a DUI, it’s important to know what you’re up against. If you have any unanswered questions, contact O’Meara Law LLC today at .


% BAC or Higher

In Illinois, a BAC of .08 or higher is considered to be intoxicated no matter how drunk or sober you feel.


% of offenders are under 35

The amount of DUI offenders who are under 35, according to the Office of the Illinois Secretary of State.


% lose their license

93 percent of drivers arrested in 2013 for DUI who failed chemical testing lost their driving privileges.


% are first offenders

In 2013, 83 percent of all drivers arrested for DUI in Chicago were first offenders.

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